Bay CNC Machine is a High quality Manufacturer of industrial parts using very specialized instruments and machinery. Bay CNC Machine supports internal and external automation contributing to production type sales value engineering, specific equipment, and pursue the building and parts manufacturing. Here are some examples of parts manufactured:  

Auto Racing Components
· Lifter
· Cam Shafts
· Oil Drain Flange
· Lifter Seats

Aerospace Industry Parts
· Side Gager
· Switch Sensors
· Filter Housing
· Realex Valves
· Valve Rams

· Microwave Housing
· Panel Racks
· Housing Connector

Medical Industry Parts
· X-Ray Machine Components
· Surgical Tools
· Prostary Devices
· Defribulators

Hobby Industry Parts
· RC Helicopters
· Engine Heads
· Swash Plate
· Stabilizer Arms
· Tail Boom Support
· Carbon Fin Sets

  At Bay CNC Machine we provide full-service, close-tolerance contract manufacturing of parts and tooling components, and automation of production lines.
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